Good Dental Health Equals a Beautiful Smile!

This week our second grade class will be learning about dental health. It is important for us to keep our teeth clean and healthy! The U.S. Surgeon General has come up with this list of seven steps to a bright, healthy smile!

1. Brush Teeth and gums with Fluoride Toothpaste at least twice a day, especially after eating breakfast and before bedtime.
2. Visit the Dentist Regularly.
3. Floss Your Teeth Daily.
4. Use Fluoride Rinse for strong, healthy teeth and gums.
5. Limit the number of times you eat snacks each day… and remember to practice healthy eating and get plenty of calcium.
6. Wear a Mouthguard When Playing Sports.
7. Ask your Dental Professional about Dental Sealants.

Here are a couple of fun websites to help us learn more about healthy teeth:

Second grade- go to our class wiki page on dental health to learn more about keeping those teeth fabulous! There is a link to an online video, powerpoint, parent information, and activities to download.

Eat right. Eat smart. Eat healthy!

We are learning about the basics of good, healthy eating and the new food pyramid this month. Proper nutrition is an important part of keeping us happy and healthy. When we eat right, we feel better! A fabulous tool in helping us make good choices with what we eat is the food pyramid. There are 5 main categories of the food pyramid- grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat/beans. These foods help us in different ways and that is why it is important that we eat a well-balanced diet. It is important that we eat smart so we can live a happier life. Plus, if you eat right, you will do better at school! That is incredible!


Listen to the 5-a-day.mp3!

Students, check out our class collaborative wiki page on nutrition to share your knowledge! There is also a link to a nutrition game that is a lot of fun!!

Festival of the Continents

This week the second grade will be celebrating their learning of the seven continents during an amazing event known as the FESTIVAL OF THE CONTINENTS. Second graders in Utah are required to be familiar with and locate the 7 continents on a map or globe. We work really hard in our classroom to learn a little bit about each of these unique and interesting continents. Our classes have read books and poetry, viewed presentations through websites and powerpoints, and now we are ready to have some HANDS-ON fun!! Parents collaborate to provide us with educational and enriching stations about each of the continents- there is even a food and music station where we can eat foods and learn songs from around the world. Students will start the day with a travel passport- where they will get stamps as they complete each station. It’s a trip around the world in one day!!

Room 203- go on over to our class wiki page and share your learning about the continents!

All About ME!!

Our powerpoint this week comes from Vicki Blackwell. This is a powerpoint presentation for you to create at home- and then we’ll show it in class and post in on your wiki. It’s an all about me slide show- where you can fill in your own information! At the very end of the slide show, you can write a quiz to see how well we really know you!!!

I can’t wait to see your amazing work!! 🙂


Favorite Christmas Traditions

Every year we celebrate the Christmas holidays with our family and friends. Each family has certain traditions- or activities done every year that make the holidays so special. Write and tell me your favorite Christmas traditions or special holiday memories that you have with your family. Make sure that you write in a complete sentence and use fabulous, juicy, describing words!!


Community People

This past week we have been learning about all the different community people. As a class, we brainstormed and came up with a fabulous list of several different community helpers. We each chose one to write about, and then we each recorded our sentences in our very first podcast! I am so proud of my second graders for doing such a fantastic job!

Listen to our Community Helpers Podcast:


We are Fit Kids

This week our second graders are learning about the importance of healthy choices like washing our hands with warm soap and water and exercising to keep our bodies fit and in shape. If we are healthy in our bodies, our minds can concentrate on learning!

What is your favorite activity that helps you become a fit kid?

Listen to our Fit Kid song- fitkid.mp3