Cracker Science & Math Review

I just wanted to share our learning today in science! We did a few experiments with crackers to see the effect our saliva has on our taste and how it prepares our food for the digestive process. We also learned about PERISTALSIS which basically is the muscles pushing our food down the esophagus even when we are laying down. We laid down and took bites of a cracker and sure enough- the food went down our esophagus! We even talked a little about reverse peristalsis- any one want to guess what that means? 🙂

Today in math we reviewed our learning on addition with number bonds. I went through the homework and the problem sets we worked on during class and wrote some homework sheets for tonight for you to download. There are 3 levels of homework- Level 1 for those kids who are having a really hard time with number bonds, Level 2 is average and the level where I expect most of my kiddos to be at, and Level 3 is more challenging. Choose the level that works best for your child- please don’t try and overwhelm them with the more difficult work if they are struggling to understand. Tomorrow we start our lessons on subtraction with number bonds which looks pretty tricky! I will try and have our power points up so you can watch them with your child.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We are off to a great year!