The Results Are In! Our Class Graphs Favorite Genres

polls.gifYou might have noticed the online poll our class has had on our blog. We asked the question: What is your favorite genre? 29 people replied. According to our survey, the genre mystery had the most votes. With that information, we went to work creating different graphs to represent what we learned.

To start the activity, I divided the kids into 5 groups. I passed out all the materials needed to create the graphs as well as a printed copy of the poll results. Everybody was an important part of completing their group’s project. We made 5 different graphs and tables- bar graph, line graph, pie graph, pictograph, and a tally table. Not only was this a great cooperative learning activity, but it was tons of fun to use an online poll from our blog to help us understand the different types of graphs!

p2190169.JPG p2190166.JPG p2190168.JPG p2190167.JPG

Genres Boost Reading Motivation

This quarter the second grade is working on reading from a variety of genres. Why, you may ask? The answer is simple- reading from a variety of genres increases students motivation to read. We all have our own reading identities– and because of that we enjoy different types of books. Sometimes second graders haven’t found the genre that captures their attention, and they just need a little guidance as to all the types of books that are avaible!

The goal consists of your child reading a book from a specific genre, and then writing a pie piece of information about the book. These pieces will come back to school and will be glued to your child’s “genre pie”. When all pieces are brought back, your child can attend the third quarter reading party. I will insert a link to the genre letter- they can go in any order- just read, write, and most importantly, have fun!

Happy Reading Second Grade!

genre-pie.JPG genre-pie-2.JPG