Getting Ready for Core Testing! It’s that time of year again…

Our second grade class is preparing for our end of year testing. To help with this review, I have included a link to our very own class UTIPS webpage. This is a site with specific review tests, specifically designed for second grade, to help aide your child in taking this assessment. As we get closer to the end of April, PLEASE help your child review for this test by visiting our UTIPS website! Also, remember the last week of April your child needs to come to school on time, well rested, and ready to do their very best! Thanks for all you do!!!


Under the Sea

Our second graders have been learning about SEA LIFE. We have activated our prior knowledge about what goes on in the sea. We have also added to our schemas by reading informative non-fiction texts!! A Read Naturally group read a story about anglerfish, and that got us all excited to learn more about bioluminescent deep sea creatures. (we added to our schema that bioluminescent sea life actually create their own light under water!!)

Check out our sea life pics!

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Welcome to the Blogosphere Day #2

It is time again for another installment of WELCOME TO THE BLOGOSPHERE.  Last week we learned about logging into our blogs, updating our profile, navigating through the dashboard, and writing a post.  This week we are focusing in on ORGANIZING our blogs by creating post categories and static pages.  Download the powerpoint to view from home to help you on your blogging journey!

Day #2

We will cover sorting our blogs into categories and writing static pages.

Powerpoint from Day #2: blog-day-2.ppt

This is going to be the second installment of 4 posts centered on the theme: Welcome to the Blogosphere.

Our Friend the Hospital

Our second graders ventured out to Ogden Regional this past week to learn about what really goes on inside the hospital! It was presented by the wives of some of the doctors, and they wanted us to know that the hospital is not a scary place to visit. In fact, the doctors and nurses are their to help us! We learned about Pediatrics- from the cool beds kids can sleep on to the isolettes for the babies. We learned about giving shots, listening to our heart rates, even what goes on during surgery! This was a fabulous, educational field trip that taught us that the hospital is not a scary place.

p3120007.JPG   p3120009.JPG

Fair Share Division

We are learning about division! And it is so much fun! We started by dividing plastic counters into different groups.

img_1309.jpg img_1311.jpg img_1313.jpg                                        (Mason was our student photographer)

We then talked a little bit about the 2 kinds of division- measurement and partitive.

Measurement Division problems state the total number of objects and the number of objects in each group. The unknown is the number of groups.
Partitive Division problems state the total number of objects and the number of groups. The unknown is the number of objects in each group.

The fun continued when we played fair share fruit loops! This is a game that I came up with to help us have some hands on fun with division. We passed out cups of fruit loops and playing cards (empty bags that represent groups). I then gave the students a division problem- like 15 fruit loops divided into 3 groups. The kids grabbed 3 playing cards, counted out 15 fruit loops, and then divided! (this is the partitive division). We divided with measurement division, too! I would give the students problems similar to this- 20 fruit loops, and there will be 4 in each bag (or group). The students would take one playing card, put 4 “in the bag”, and then grab a new card until they run out of cereal. The quest would be to find out how many groups you would need. It was a blast and our second graders really grasped division! We even discovered that division problems have fact families, like addition and subtraction!!

img_1317.jpg img_1319.jpg img_1318.jpg                                     (Andrew was our student photographer)

A Blast from the Past With 100 Year Old Children Literature

Paige Hill came to our class recently to show us some amazing books! She showed us books that were close to 100 years old! These books were in fabulous condition, considering how old they were! It was interesting for me to see how the illustrations have changed over time. The literature that is older had less illustrations… some had just one color “plate” (we learned that is what they call the pictures in the older books). It is amazing to see how books have changed over time! Thank you Paige Hill for showing us some literary treasures!

img_1281.jpg img_1285.jpg img_1286.jpg

img_1284.jpg img_1303.jpg img_1295.jpg

img_1290.jpg img_1301.jpg img_1304.jpg

Welcome to the Blogosphere Day #1

Do you want to blog, but a little unsure how? I have the wonderful opportunity to teach some of my faculty about blogging. (Wonderful because we are expanding the educational blogosphere and making teachers more tech savvy 🙂 ) I have to admit that I am personally excited because this is such a passion for me. Because this is going to be a basic foundation class, I will have to reign in my enthusiasm a bit so I don’t go off on RSS feeds or editing wordpress themes on the first day!

Day #1

We will cover logging into our blogs, editing our profile, becoming familiar with the dashboard, and writing a test post.

Powerpoint from Day #1: blog-day-1.ppt

This is going to be the first installment of 4 posts centered on the theme: Welcome to the Blogosphere.

Retelling Rainbows- Using the 5 Finger Retell Model

You might be wondering “Why is retelling a story so important?” You probably have heard myself or other teachers telling you about your child’s retell (the ability to recall facts/main ideas from text). The reason: retelling shows that your child comprehends and understands what he reads! And that, of course, is the ultimate goal of reading!

second-grade-rainbows-and-pics-march-4-2008-009.jpgIn order to help us improve our retells, we have learned about the five finger model in our class. To spice it up for St. Patricks Day, our class has made retelling rainbows on our favorite books. We traced our hands on different colors of paper (each color representing a different step in the 5 finger model). We wrote the characters on the red hand, the setting on the orange hand, the sequence of events on the yellow hand, the problem on the green hand, and the solution on the blue hand. We went a step further and wrote the main ideas on purple.second-grade-rainbows-and-pics-march-4-2008-008.jpg

I recently read online about a school district who uses the take 5 minutes to ask 5 questions apsecond-grade-rainbows-and-pics-march-4-2008-008.jpgsecond-grade-rainbows-and-pics-march-4-2008-008.jpgproach to improving the quality of reading time at home. I love this school/home connection so much I had to include it in this post! After you read with your child, have him complete a 5 finger retell. This step by step approach will allow your child to practice retelling easily. They just need to remember these 5 questions:

1. Who is in the story?second-grade-rainbows-and-pics-march-4-2008-008.jpg
2. Where and when does the story take place?
3. What events happened in the beginning? Middle? End?
4. What was the problem in the story?
5. How is the problem solved?

I know that if you take 5 to ask 5, your child’s retells and comprehension will increase! 🙂