This page is where you can download your child’s homework. Just click on the link next to today’s date. Don’t forget to visit xtramath.org to practice those math facts!! (So I can view your progress please don’t log off until the man says you are done) At this point you are more than welcome to download either level 1, level 2, or level 3 of the homework based on your child’s understanding of the math concepts.



date homework assignment extra help challenge
9/08 number bond addition review (this should be fairly easy- if not please watch the video under the “Extra Help” Column. watch this video explaining number bonds download this blank number bonds page and fill it up with 2 digit number bonds
9/09  Homework for most of our class: Eureka Math Module 1 Lesson 4 Homework For those kids who are struggling with number bonds, or those who have an IEP, please complete the following homework instead: Simplified Math Lesson 4
9/10 Homework for most of our class: Math Review (Level 2) This is a review of our first four lessons Simplified review of our first four lessons: Simplified Review (Level 1) More challenging review of our first four lessons: Lesson Review (Level 3)
9/11 Eureka Math Module 1 Lesson 5 (homework for most of our class) Lesson 5 (Level 2) Simplified homework:Simplified Lesson 5 Homework (Level 1) More challenging homework:More Challenging Homework (Level 3)
9/15 Eureka Math Module 1 Lesson 6
9/16 Eureka Math Module 1 Lesson 7
9/17 Eureka Math Module 1 Lesson 8