Why blog? Watch and learn!

Blogging has become an important part of learning with technology in Room 203. There are many great reasons on how blogs can enhance our learning and parent communication. Blogs allow us to share information easily with parents about what is going on in our busy classrooms. As teachers, blogging can allow our students to answer content study questions or give feed back on thought provoking posts. There are so many other reasons to blog, that we made the following video top ten list of detailed explanations on why blogging can be beneficial to any classroom. But don’t just take our word for it- get started blogging right away and embark on the adventure to the blogosphere with excitement and ease.


Top Ten Favorite Elementary School Excuse Notes

Here is a great top ten from the Letterman show about some outrageous excuse notes.  I thought you might enjoy.

10. “Jerry was at his grandmother’s yesterday and she did not bring him to school because Jerry couldn’t remember where the school was.”

9. “Ronnie would not finish his work last night. He said his brain was too tired of spelling.”

8. “Eric hurt his knee in a karate tournament over the weekend. He won his age group, but was in too much pain to do his math assignment.”

7. “Amy did not do her homework last night because we went out to a party and did not get home until late. If she is tired, please let her sleep during recess time.”

6. “Henry stayed home because he had a stomachache from eating too much frosting.”

5. “It was my fault Mike did not do his math homework last night. His pencil broke and we do not have a pencil sharpener at home.”

4. “Scott didn’t practice last night because he lost his tooth in the mouthpiece of his trumpet.”

3. “Diane was late on Wednesday. She fell asleep on the bus and was taken back to the bus yard.”

2. “Cody was absent yesterday because we were at disco bowling until 2am.”

1. “Tommy wasn’t in school yesterday because he thought it was Saturday.”