Favorite Christmas Traditions

Every year we celebrate the Christmas holidays with our family and friends. Each family has certain traditions- or activities done every year that make the holidays so special. Write and tell me your favorite Christmas traditions or special holiday memories that you have with your family. Make sure that you write in a complete sentence and use fabulous, juicy, describing words!!


We are Fit Kids

This week our second graders are learning about the importance of healthy choices like washing our hands with warm soap and water and exercising to keep our bodies fit and in shape. If we are healthy in our bodies, our minds can concentrate on learning!

What is your favorite activity that helps you become a fit kid?

Listen to our Fit Kid song- fitkid.mp3

Text to Self Connections

We have been talking about how we CONNECT to books that we read by using our schemas or background knowledge. Through making connections, our understanding becomes deeper of what we have read. We can begin to feel what the characters are feeling and really get a sense of author’s purpose and any lessons that we can learn from a story.

One type of connection is called a text to self connection. Good readers will think “Wow- when I read the part about: _______ ,it reminded me of: __________.” Or in other words- that book connects to ME.

I would absolutely love to hear a text to self connection you have had with a book. Remember to use the correct text to self connection language- when I read about:______ it reminded me of:___________.

You are a brilliant class! Room 203 is shining!!