20 Questions Gameshow Quizzes Our Comprehension

The remarkable readers in our classroom are using many fabulous strategies to help them comprehend their reading! One of these strategies is QUESTIONING. Good readers ask questions! Good readers ask DEEP questions before, during, and after reading text. “What will this book be about?” “Does that sentence make sense?” “Does this word sound right?” “What is the author’s purpose for writing this book?”

Good readers don’t just stop at ASKING the questions- they try and find the answers! “Can I infer this word’s meaning?” “Do I need to look in a dictionary?” “Is there another book that would have the answer to my question?” (Good readers don’t mind a little research to better their understanding)

The powerpoint for this week is a 20 questions gameshow- where YOU come up with the questions for each reading scenario! Remember- good readers ask many thin and thick questions!!


listen to our questioning song:



Why blog? Watch and learn!

Blogging has become an important part of learning with technology in Room 203. There are many great reasons on how blogs can enhance our learning and parent communication. Blogs allow us to share information easily with parents about what is going on in our busy classrooms. As teachers, blogging can allow our students to answer content study questions or give feed back on thought provoking posts. There are so many other reasons to blog, that we made the following video top ten list of detailed explanations on why blogging can be beneficial to any classroom. But don’t just take our word for it- get started blogging right away and embark on the adventure to the blogosphere with excitement and ease.


What is the Commutative and Associative Property? Ask Us- We’ll Tell You!

Two properties of math that we are learning about are associative and commutative. These properties are like rules that describe how math works. This powerpoint describes what these properties are and give some great visuals to explain how they work.


Our class recorded a podcast today on the commutative and associative properties. I recorded our learning for all to hear!!! Enjoy!



Do I Infer? The answer’s YES!

When we infer text in second grade, we make smart guesses based on clues in the story. Inferring is an important reading strategy that allows us to be better thinkers as well as readers.

Our class recently learned a song that will help us to remember what inferring is all about! (click here to learn more about inferring from our class website)

Listen to our inferring song:



Second graders will refer to their schema as a “filing cabinet in their brain”… and they are absolutely right! Schema is all about activating our prior knowledge about a book before, during, and after we read. It is making those CONNECTIONS with the story that allow us to FEEL and UNDERSTAND more. Those meaningful connections will help us to understand the author’s purpose and other story elements DEEPER and CLEARER. We can connect in different ways to the books that we read. Whenever you sit down to read a book, you think about what you already know about the subject (we call it searching in our mental filing cabinets). Our schema, or background knowledge, can change as we learn new information. We delete or modify our schema as we continue to learn! (click here to learn more about our schema from our class website)

Listen to our second graders sing the schema song:


Community People

This past week we have been learning about all the different community people. As a class, we brainstormed and came up with a fabulous list of several different community helpers. We each chose one to write about, and then we each recorded our sentences in our very first podcast! I am so proud of my second graders for doing such a fantastic job!

Listen to our Community Helpers Podcast:


Star Spangled Banner

We have been starting our day off with a patriotic song. This month we learned the Star Spangled Banner. Not only is this instilling a love of our flag and our country, but it is teaching them our national anthem. I am so impressed with how quickly they have picked up on this song and how beautifully they sing. It makes my heart feel so good inside! A few of our students have even passed this off with me to be in our All Star Mastery Club!

Listen to our class sing the Star Spangled Banner: