20 Questions Gameshow Quizzes Our Comprehension

The remarkable readers in our classroom are using many fabulous strategies to help them comprehend their reading! One of these strategies is QUESTIONING. Good readers ask questions! Good readers ask DEEP questions before, during, and after reading text. “What will this book be about?” “Does that sentence make sense?” “Does this word sound right?” “What is the author’s purpose for writing this book?”

Good readers don’t just stop at ASKING the questions- they try and find the answers! “Can I infer this word’s meaning?” “Do I need to look in a dictionary?” “Is there another book that would have the answer to my question?” (Good readers don’t mind a little research to better their understanding)

The powerpoint for this week is a 20 questions gameshow- where YOU come up with the questions for each reading scenario! Remember- good readers ask many thin and thick questions!!


listen to our questioning song:



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  1. Mrs. Toponce-

    Great job on your class website and blog! I am a new teacher (starting mid-year) and I was searching for some information online. I stumbled on your blog and website and they are so great! I’ll be teaching 2nd grade next fall and you’ve given me some great ideas. Thank you!


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