Wonderful World of Classroom Wikis

You may have noticed an addition to our class webpage- our students have learned about and edited their very own personal wiki pages! A wiki is software that allows us to create, view, and edit information easily on the internet and these pages are often associated with collaborative learning. On our class wikipage we are able to view information that student’s typed about themselves.

One of the fabulous things about wikis is the ability to have students collaborate and edit information on other pages. On Wednesday we went into our wikipage and students edited other student’s pages by adding more information (what friends say about me). I have never seen kids so excited in the computer lab! They loved writing about their friends and viewing what others had written about them.

Parents- please feel free to add pictures, comments, audio/video clips to your child’s wiki. (in order to edit pages students have a unique user name and password- please email me if your child forgot and I will let you know) Keep posted for more wikis from room 203 and let’s keep SURFIN’ WITH TECHNOLOGY!!!


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