Missing Addends Add Up to a Challenge

Our powerpoint for this week is another gameshow spin-off reviewing Missing Addends. This topic can be tricky and we have learned a few strategies to help us in class.

1. Count up- Look at the other addend and COUNT UP while drawing tally marks or using counters until you reach the sum.

2. Count back- Start at the sum and then subtract the other addend in the addition sentence.

3. Memorize the fact family! If you know that 2,3, and 5 are all in the same fact family, then finding the missing addend for 2 + x = 5 will be a breeze! This is the best strategy and ultimately what second graders should be doing by the end of the year. It shows automaticity with math facts which will be a great benefit to them next year in third grade.

I hope these strategies help- good luck!


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